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For Cardiovascular, Lung Health. Healthy Coagulation, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol within normal ranges.

NattoNeat 2000FU

  • 2000FU, 400mg Certified.

    Natto is a food that contains Nattokinase, just like an apple is a food containing vitamins. When Natto is processed to isolate the Nattokinase, it no longer is food, and overdosing becomes possible. Our natural Natto is certified to contain at least 2000FU Nattokinase. FU is the abbreviation for Fibrin Units. Fibrin makes the blood thick and causes clots. Therefore, the FU is an indication of the product's ability to dissolve the fibrin.

    Natto Benefits.

    Natto, a fermented Japanese super-food, has been hailed as the secret to Japanese longevity. In the year 2020, there were more than 80 000 people in Japan older than 100 years. High natto consumption has been linked to the Japanese population's longer average lifespans and lower chronic disease rates.

    Proven Benefits:

    - Improves Longevity.

    - Improves cardiovascular health and decreases the risk of heart disease.

    - Nattokinase can reduce cholesterol and normalize blood pressure levels.

    - Improves Bone Density. Vitamin K2 in Natto promotes bone growth and health.

    - Vitamin K2 (more than any other food) improves male fertility.- Contains fiber and abundant probiotics, which contribute to healthy gut flora.

    - It strengthens the immune system.

    - Rich in vitamin C and several minerals.

    - Natto may benefit from weight loss.

    - Natto promotes brain health

    - Protection against certain types of cancer.

    - Boosts metabolism and reduces body fat.

    - Natto is effective against chronic sinusitis and ongoing inflammation in the sinuses.

    - Effective for allergies, bacteria, fungal infections, or asthma.

    - Natto protects and heals the lungs.


    Published Research.

    Nattokinase (NK), a potent blood-clot dissolving protein used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, is produced by the bacterium Bacillus subtilis during the fermentation of soybeans to produce Natto. Nattokinase is considered to be a safe, powerful, low-cost, and all-natural supplement for the treatment of heart and cardiovascular disease.The effects of NK are similar to the well-known blood thinner, aspirin. Unlike aspirin, which often triggers bleeding or gastric ulcers, NK improves blood flow without any adverse effects.Nattokinase has a strong ability to break down thrombi and fibrin.Nattokinase, unlike most proteins, is more resistant to the highly acidic gastric fluids in the stomach and the probiotic can be absorbed in the later sections of the digestive tract.


    Question: Can natto make my blood too thin or my blood pressure too low such as prescription products?

    Answer: Natto is natural food. Prescription products are chemicals - designed to change the chemical balance in the body. The human body knows how to process foods, but it does not know how to process chemicals. You cannot overdose on natural foods, such as apples. If you eat too many apples, the body will simply excrete the excess. If you drink too much of a prescription product, that chemical reaction will take place, no matter what. The body does not know how to stop a chemical reaction once the compounds are in the body. Because Natto is a natural food, it is difficult to overdose. Prescription products can have side effects and it is possible to overdose. If you take Natto with prescription products, it is possible that the Natto can correct the error in the body, making the prescription products unnecessary. If you drink prescription products after that, you may have overdose symptoms.

    Question: Natto is fermented soy. Using soy is associated with fear that it may cause breast cancer, male infertility, thyroid problems, and dementia.

    Answer:There is a huge difference between fermented and unfermented soy. The Japanese nearly always consume fermented soy. Natto is fermented soy.

    Be Bold!! Go All Natural!!Only natural foods can heal and stimulate life. If used correctly it can bring about profound long-term healing. The best healers are good foods, herbs, and spices. Chemicals are dead. Dead Foods cannot stimulate life.
    Other manufacturers put only 100mg isolated Nattokinase into a capsule, then fill the capsule up with chemical fillers. At Temple Foods we don't use chemicals and we don't process the Natto. The entire capsule is jam packed with natural Natto, a full 400mg.

    Japanese Natto in powder form in vegan capsules.

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