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About Temple Foods

Pills don't make you healthy, but your lifestyle can.

The founders of Temple Foods immigrated to the United States of America back in 2004 and returned home in 2009. There, they had grown accustomed to high-quality natural products, free from Pharmaceutical Excipients, such as Magnesium Stearate and Mycrocrystalline Cellulose.  Excipients are semi-toxic, but they are used in the manufacturing process of most pills. Supplements without excipients were hard to find in South Africa.

Temple Foods was created to solve this problem. We guarantee that our products are free from all excipients, and other chemicals.


Quality then Profit.

At Temple Foods, we adhere to rigorous protocols for both local and global sourcing, ensuring that only the highest quality ingredients form the bedrock of our products. Our commitment extends to the manufacturing process, where we eschew toxic pharmaceutical excipients, preservatives, additives, and chemical tagalongs, prioritizing your health and wellness with pure, uncompromised formulations.

Rest assured that your products undergo meticulous processing in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We take pride in employing cutting-edge technology, and none of our capsules or ingredients come into contact with human hands, guaranteeing a level of precision and hygiene that aligns with our unwavering dedication to quality.

Our Team


Anna Jooste

Founder, CEO, Co-Owner

Raised in a household deeply rooted in the medical field, Anna's upbringing was surrounded by a family of physicians, including her father and uncles, while her mother and other relatives pursued various medical support careers. Despite this medical background, a personal health crisis emerged, revealing the limitations of allopathic medicine in addressing a dental issue. The compartmentalization between doctors and dentists left her without the appropriate treatment, prompting her to explore alternative therapies out of sheer desperation.

In a pivotal turn of events, Anna secured a position as an IT Programmer/Developer at the University of Pretoria. Seizing the opportunity, she concurrently enrolled as a medical researcher, gaining privileged access to exclusive case studies and research inaccessible to the general public. Driven by an unwavering determination, Anna delved into an exhaustive study of these materials, scrutinizing case after case until a breakthrough occurred. The discovery of an identical case provided clarity and insight into the missteps of her own health journey.


United by a shared vision, Jonathan and Anna established Temple Foods, an initiative born out of personal experience and a desire to assist others grappling with unanswered health questions. Their mission is to offer support and solutions to those navigating the complexities of medical challenges, drawing from a fusion of traditional knowledge and alternative therapies.

Anna holds the following qualifications:

B.Sc (Hons) Cum Laude. University of Pretoria

Holistic Health Practitioner. Global College of Natural Medicine, California

Master Herbalist. Global College of Natural Medicine, California

Nutritional Consultant. Global College of Natural Medicine, California


Jonathan Jooste

Co-Founder, Co-Owner

A dedicated athlete who proudly represented South Africa at the Canoe World Championships, Jonathan exudes a fervent commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Fueled by profound energy, unwavering focus, and an unyielding drive for success, he has identified two distinct paths to achieving one's goals.

Firstly, one can opt for the traditional route of rigorous and extensive training for countless hours. Alternatively, Jonathan advocates for the transformative power of adopting a specific diet and supplementing it with the right herbs. According to him, this approach can lead to goal attainment in half the time with only half the effort. Drawing a parallel to the effectiveness of steroids, Jonathan underscores the potency of herbs, emphasizing their natural composition and absence of side effects.

Currently immersed in the study of alternative therapies, Jonathan's passion for holistic well-being extends beyond the field of athletics. Together with Anna, he co-founded TempleFoods. Within this venture, Jonathan assumes responsibility for crafting sport performance and nootropic products, leveraging his wealth of experience and insights to contribute to the pursuit of optimal health and performance.

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