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Restore Metabolism & Balance. Recipe to assist healthy Thyroid Function.

Healthy Hormones

  • Being irritated easily is generally is caused by hormone imbalances, whereas anxiety and lack of focus are caused by brain imbalances. The most common symptoms of hormonal conditions affecting both men and women may be any one or more of the following:
    - Getting irritated easily
    - Difficulty to lose weight
    - Mood swings
    - Restless sleep
    - Fatigue
    - Depression
    - Slow metabolism
    - Bone loss
    - Inflammation

    Almost all people today have slight hormone imbalances because we live in a hormone polluted world.
    Commercial meats are laced with hormones.
    Water is polluted with hormones coming from urine - indirectly from hormones taken by women as contraceptives and athletes taking steroids.
    Fish are contaminated with hormones, heavy metals and plastic.
    Plastic packaging leaks Xeno-estrogens into foods. These are endocrine disruptors.
    White dental fillings are made with plastic and fluoride. The plastic leaks Xeno-estrogens. Fluoride disrupts the pineal gland, thyroid function and causes bone diseases.

    - Sage
    - Black Walnut Shells
    - Magnesium
    - Panax Ginseng
    - Chaga Mushroom
    - Cayenne Pepper
    - Stinging Nettle Leaf
    - Fennel
    - Wild Yam, Soy

    This unique blend of natural ingredients may restore metabolism and balance in the body, giving newfound energy.

    Serving Suggestion: Take 2 to 4 capsules in the mornings, 1 at night. Take with water, before meals, away from medicine, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

    - This product is for both males and females.
    - It does not contain hormones, but herbs that can stimulate the body to produce its own hormones as needed.
    - If you have an issue with hormones that are female specific (PMS, Hot Flushes, ovaries and uterus), you may combine this product with TempleFoods Hot Flush Helper (available on Takealot).
    - If you have male specific issues (testes or prostate) such as ED or BPS, you may want to try TempleFoods WildWilly 
    - In spite of all efforts, different things work for different people. If the product does not work for you, return it for a refund.

    This is a completely natural product, containing herbs that can be added to foods. Animal studies suggest that they are safe, even at high doses. One or two capsules more may be taken for better results. Take at least one capsule daily for every white dental filling.

    Stinging Nettle improves bone formation.
    Study objective: To determine whether systemically given stinging nettle has an effect on bone formation in response to the expansion of the rat inter-premaxillary suture.
    Outcome: Statistically significant differences were found between the groups in all histologic parameters.
    Conclusion: Systemic administration of stinging nettle may be effective in accelerating new bone formation and reducing inflammation in the maxillary expansion procedure.

    Chaga and other mushrooms reduce osteoporosis and inflammation.
    Mushroom extracts have shown promising effects in the treatment of cancer and various chronic diseases. Osteoporosis is considered one of the most widespread chronic diseases, followed by chronic inflammation.
    The results of this study indicate that medicinal mushroom extracts can be considered as a preventive treatment and/or a supplement to pharmacotherapy to enhance its effectiveness and ameliorate its harmful side effects.

    You may consider these TempleFoods products for more focused relief of symptoms.

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    Fatigue - FightFatigue
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